City Of Lies


Welcome To Ryoko Owari

“Court Whispers Abound,
Divine Sanctions given Rashly
Thunder Roars Above”

Last year in Ryoko Owari Toshi, The City Of Lies, Ashidaka Naritoki, an honorable Emerald Magistrate died. And The Emerald Champion, Doji Satsume sent a taskforce of Magistrates to resolve this gruesome issue and others within the city. This is the story the public knows.

The truth of the matter is that Ashidaka Naritoki was no honorable Magistrate, but crooked to the core and in bed with the The Opium Trade with his death, a taskforce was dispensed to hunt down and bring justice to his killers. However they have become embroiled in the quiet evil of The City Of Heavenly Delights. First they put an end to the threat of The Ryoko Ninja and then brought a swift end to an Shadowlands beast masquerading as a Crab. However shadows lengthen, with Shosuro Hyobu, governess to the City of Stories implicated in the Opium Trade, The Bandit Fade still raiding lands, and A Sinister Moon cult The Festering Scorpion PIt may be as dangerous as ever. And all of this to the background of the death of Doji Satsume, The Emerald Champion, and the Crab Clan Champion’s banishment from the Imperial Court, and the Empire comes on darker and darker times.


Bzaj Bzaj

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