Tag: Threat


  • Naritoki's Killer

    This is the question at the heart of the whirlwind that is this city. Who killed [[:ashidaka-naritoki |Ashidaka Naritoki]]? Was it [[:fade | Fade]], [[The Ryoko Ninja | The Ryoko Ninja]], or [[The Opium Trade | an ordinary criminal]]? Only time will …

  • The Opium Trade

    Opium is an important painkiller, and is also useful for opium can be used to alleviate the effects of hunger and thirst, it can calm down severe coughs and cure diarrhea. It was brought with [[The Unicorn Clan]] when they returned from the desert, in …

  • The Ryoko Ninja

    The Ryoko Ninja. is a myth come to life, and was a thorn in the side of [[:ashidaka-naritoki | Ashidaka Naritoki]], and currently is a thorn in the side of our current party, they claim credit for his death and are on a criminal spree. Last session our …

  • Fade

    Fade was once a Unicorn samurai, an honorable Shinjo Bushi, and now he has become a feared bandit in the Scorpion Lands around the city of lies.