Kakita Sojiro

Kitsuki Yamato's yojimbo


Insight Rank: 1 Insight: 122

Clan: Crane, Kakita Family

School: Kakita Dueling School

Initiative of 4k3 armor tn 25

Honor: 6.5 Glory: 1.0 Status: 1.0 Shadowland Taint: 0.0
Earth 2
Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Air 2
Reflexes 3 Awareness 2
Water 2
Strength 2 Perception 2
Fire 2
Agility 3 Intelligence 2
Void 2
Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana 8k3 5k2 Samurai, Medium, May spend 1 Void point +1k1 to damage
Wakazashi 7k3 4k2 Samurai, Medium, May throw up to 20 feet
Armor TN Bonus Reduction Notes
Light Armor +5 3 +0 TN Agility and Reflex skills
TN to be Hit Armor Bonus Other Bonus Total
20 (Reflexes *5 + 5) +5 3 25
School Name Effect
The Way of The Crane Add twice your Iaijutsu to initiative. You gain a bonus of +1k1 plus your School Rank to the total of all attack and Focus rolls while assuming the Center Stance. This bonus also applies during the Combat Round following one in which you assumed the Center Stance.


Skill Rank Atribute Emphasis
Iaijutsu 5 Reflexes Focus
Etiquette 3 Awareness
Kenjutsu 4 Agility
Perform (biwa) 2 Perception
Meditation 2 Void
Sincerity 3 Intelligence
Battle 1 Intelligence
Tea Ceremony 3 Void
Wound Level Total Penalty
Healthy 10 +0
Nicked 14 +03
Grazed 18 +05
Hurt 22 +10
Injured 26 +15
Crippled 30 +20
Down 34 +40
Out 38
Mechanic Ability
Iaijutsu Readying a katana is a free action, During an Iaijutsu Duel, the character gains
one Free Raise on his Iaijutsu (Focus) / Void roll during the Focus Stage.
Etiquette +3 insight above what would normally be indicated
Kenjutsu +1k0 to all damage rolls with the sword.
Advantage Cost Mechanic
Kharmic Tie (Kitsuki Yamato) 4 Once a game session, gain a +1k1 bonus when protecting Kharmic Tie
Hero of The People 2 When meeting citizens of Rokugan who are not members of the samurai caste, the TN for them to recognize you, as determined by your Glory Rank, is lowered by 10.
Sacred Weapon (Kakita Blade) 5 4k2 katana and you may reroll damage once per duel
Disadvantage Cost Mechanic
Sworn Enemy 5 (Unknown) 5 May not spend Void Points against this opponent.
True Love 3 Ever read Shakespeare?
Void touched 2


Light Armor
Ceramic Saki jug
Tea leaf cigarettes
Sturdy Clothes
Travel Pack

Age: 24

Physical description:

Slightly taller than average, with a lean, wiry frame from years spent training and teaching at the Kakita dueling academy. His hair is black with a white streak through it on the right side, and he wears it long and well kept, sometimes braided (particularly for combat). He bears scars from intense training and multiple duels with various opponents on his body, but they are rarely seen aside from those on his hands, which are difficult to hide. Carries himself with an air of quiet dignity and some arrogance, but is almost always polite in his speech. His eyes are mismatched – the left is blue like his fathers, his right is green like his mothers.

Born from the marriage of a Dragon clan Samurai (Mirumoto Oyumi) and a Crane clan Iaijitsu master (Kakita Imura), Sojiro has benefited from being the child of two warriors. He excels at Iaijitsu, but is also well versed in the Dragon’s Niten style. His father was well known at court and is as well versed in politics and diplomacy as he is with the katana, and his eldest son spent his childhood either at various Crane courts or in the Kakita Dojo. While his mother’s tendency towards enigmatic answers and riddles frustrated his father on a regular basis, their marriage was nonetheless a good one, and Sojiro has managed to combine the two approaches well when mingling with the assorted courtiers of the various clans – a blend of razor sharp wit, keen intelligence, and a lifetime of watching court intrigue has honed his ability to both confound while charming, to flatter while concealing a barbed insult in the words. Often times his victims don’t even realize the insult until much later, often to the amusement (or sometimes ire) of the Daimyo holding court. This is not to say that he is always enigmatic – Sojiro is quite capable of being startlingly blunt and direct at times, particularly when his honor is called into question or his clan is faced with a threat.

Sojiro spent equal amounts of time in the Crane and Dragon lands growing up. When he was young, he met a girl from the Phoenix clan on the border between Phoenix and Dragon lands while his father was at court, and they played together often – meaning that Sojiro teased her mercilessly, even setting her hair on fire at one point. Then puberty kicked in, and suddenly he wasn’t teasing her anymore ;) At 16, his parents arranged their marriage and he traveled to the Phoenix lands to learn to become her Yojimbo, as she was Shugenja. During his time there, something happened that he refuses to discuss. All most people outside his immediate family know is that his betrothed was killed and he was badly injured. He recovered in the Dragon lands, both mentally and physically, and eventually returned to his homeland wiser, with a bitter hatred of all things tainted or related to Maho, and a better understanding of the Niten technique, although he has taken a vow to teach no one that knowledge aside from his own children or another who has Dragon blood in them. Niten training not only increased his understanding of combat in general, but it also revealed to him certain flaws in the Iaijitsu style he cherishes, and he returned to the academy to assist in the training of young Crane Bushi, imparting his new understanding of Iaijitsu’s strengths and weaknesses to a new generation. He intends to one day open a dojo that teaches his new style, which he has named Ha No Arashi (storm of blades). He moved out of his family’s estate and claims residence in Tsuma city, very close to the Kakita Academy. His experiences abroad have made him a regular at court much like his father, and has also led him to be placed in command of a small group of Bushi during certain military actions as a Gunso when the need arises. His ability to perceive the hidden meanings in the Dragon clan’s famous riddles have earned him equal measures of respect, wariness, and affection from that clan, and his repeated verbal (and at times, physical) dueling with Scorpion emissaries at court have earned him a fair amount of animosity from them. Although he can function well in court, after his return home he has lost patience with many of the courtisans and their games, and occasionally his attitude in court is closer to that of a Crab or Unicorn than a Crane.

When he returned from his travels, Sojiro bore a white streak through the front of his jet black hair on the right side of his face, as well as new scars that looked to be caused more by burns than by blades on his chest and left shoulder. When questioned about it, he is uncharacteristically silent about the matter, and his demeanor takes on a sadness that is unusual for him. He never answer these questions, and many rumors swirl about his unique appearance, his refusal to dye his hair white, and the death of his betrothed. Perhaps the Phoenix clan knows more about this issue…

He has recently attained the rank of Magistrate and been assigned as the yojimbo of a young Kitsuke he befriended while recovering, Kitsuke Yamato. While technically only a bodyguard, he has been known to use his new-found authority to investigate behind the scenes as much as he can while being discrete to the benefit of the common folk, and is beginning to gain a bit of a reputation for looking out for them.

His Daisho, obtained during his travels, is a custom creation designed to merge his training in Iaijitsu and the Niten style together. Forged from Aobuchi steel, the blades have a deep blue hue. The saya of the wakizashi is fused the the left side of the katana saya, and the tsuka of the wakizashi sits just below the tsuka of the katana. Neither sword has a tsuba – the main reason for the scarring on his hands. This unique design allows him to grip the saya in his left hand for proper Iaijitsu technique, but should his first strike miss or be blocked, he can immediately slide his left hand up the saya to the tsuka of the wakizashi and launch a second attack, a saka-te (reverse) grip slash with the shorter blade.


1. WHAT CLAN DOES YOUR CHARACTER BELONG TO? Sojiro is a member of the Crane clan, although he doesn’t always act like it.

2. WHAT FAMILY DOES YOUR CHARACTER BELONG TO? The Kakita family, reknowned for their artisans and artists… and the Kakita Dueling Academy.

3. IS YOUR CHARACTER A BUSHI, A SHUGENJA, OR A COURTIER? He is technically a bushi, but the lines between bushi and courtier can get a little fuzzy in the Kakita family.

4. HOW WOULD OTHERS DESCRIBE YOUR CHARACTER’S APPEARANCE? Slightly taller than average, with a lean, wiry frame from years spent training and teaching at the Kakita dueling academy. His hair is black with a white streak through it on the right side, and he wears it long and well kept, sometimes braided (particularly for combat). He bears scars from intense training and multiple duels with various opponents on his body, but they are rarely seen aside from those on his hands, which are difficult to hide. Carries himself with an air of quiet dignity and some arrogance, but is almost always polite in his speech. His eyes are mismatched – the left is blue like his fathers, his right is green like his mothers. His moods are usually apparent, unless he has his “court face” on.

5. WHAT IS YOUR CHARACTER’S PRIMARY MOTIVATION? Sojiro wants to develop his own kenjitsu school that combines the best techniques and philosophies of the other schools in the empire – a sort of kenjitsu/iaijitsu Jeet Kun Do, if you will.

6. WHO IS THE PERSON YOUR CHARACTER TRUSTS MOST IN THE WORLD? Kitsuke Yamato (details forthcoming after Conner and I work them out)

7. WHAT IS YOUR CHARACTER’S GREATEST STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS? To Rokugani society, his greatest strength would appear to be his skill with a katana and his ability to talk to others, while his greatest weakness would be his willingness to bend societal rules and traditions when he sees fit, and his seemingly perverse enjoyment in scandalizing “proper” courtiers at court – the ones he finds to be a little too stodgy or gossipy. As for how he sees himself, Sojiro believes that his greatest strength is his ability to treat “lessers” as human beings. He feels that attitude is more in line with the intentions of Bushido than the typical casual negligence and absentminded abuse many samurai show the lesser castes. He feels his greatest weakness is a familial flaw that he definitely shares – the Kakita family has a bit of a reputation for letting their emotions get the best of them, both good ones and bad.

8. WHAT DOES YOUR CHARACTER THINK OF BUSHIDO? Bushido is a great concept. It’s the foundation of how a samurai should act, but like all things coming from the Divines and translated by man, it is imperfect and has flaws. Sojiro feels that samurai should take the time to consider the spirit of Bushido vs. the letter of the law when it comes to their actions, because it’s simply impossible for any code, no matter how righteous, to have a rule for every concievable situation life can throw at you.

9. WHAT IS YOUR CHARACTER’S OPINION OF HIS CLAN? Sojiro generally thinks well of his clan, although their close ties with the Otomo family annoy him semi-regularly, given that he feels the Otomo serve no purpose. He also feels that the Crane-Crab hostilities are a waste of time and effort at this point, seriving no purpose to either clan and being perpetuated more by individuals with personal grudges than any actual issues between the clans.

10. IS YOUR CHARACTER MARRIED? Sojiro was betrothed to a Phoenix Shugenja when he was younger. She is now dead, and he speaks very little of her or the circumstances surrounding her death to most people. Those he trusts know quite a bit more about this.

11. DOES YOUR CHARACTER HAVE ANY PREJUDICES? Sojiro dislikes the Scorpion clan more than any other, finding the vast majority of the clan to be honorless, selfish, and paying only lip service to Bushido. He has close ties to the Dragon and Phoenix clans, and finds the Unicorn clan strange and somewhat fascinating even if they are a bit rude at times. His biggest hatred isn’t for a clan though – he has a deep, burning hatred of all things related to Maho.

12. TO WHOM DOES YOUR CHARACTER OWE THE MOST LOYALTY? Sojiro’s loyalties lie with his family, both immediate and extended. The one person he is most loyal to is Yamato, but he also feels ties to his older cousin and former sensei Kakita Alesha, his childhood friend and daughter of the family daimyo Kakita Mitsouko, and his mother’s family in the Dragon clan. Although he serves as an Emerald Magistrate, he feels no particular loyalty to the Emerald Champion aside from that of duty, seeing the position more as an opportunity to serve the empire and people of Rokugan, as a samurai should.

13. WHAT ARE YOUR CHARACTER’S FAVORITE AND LEAST FAVORITE THINGS? Sojiro is very attached to his biwa, good food and drink, and of course his daisho. The jade bead braided into his hair is also very sentimental, a gift from his deceased betrothed. He has a great appreciation for sharp, refined wit, whether it takes the form of a good joke or a well placed cutting remark at court. He dislikes opium addicts, unrefined rudeness, unfounded arrogance, and those in power abusing people weaker than them. He won’t eat octopus.

14. DOES YOUR CHARACTER HAVE ANY RECURRING MANNERISMS? Sojiro is generally found smoking tobacco, much to the dismay of the more proper members of his clan. (Gaijin goods! How scandalous!!) He will occasionally use opium, but generally only if he has been injured fighting or dueling. He has a tendency towards sarcasm, and has been known to exhibit a love for speaking in riddles to irritate persons at court he has become annoyed with, much like his Dragon clan mother. When thinking, he will randomly pluck strings on his biwa if he has it on him at the time. He refuses to ignore situations where people are being bullied or intimidated, sometimes putting himself in compromising situations with other samurai in order to do what he feels is right, if necessary.

15. WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER’S EMOTIONS? Sojiro is actually pretty bad at being properly emotionless, but it’s a trait the Kakita family is known for having. He feels things strongly, both positive and negative, and there have been several “incidents” at court where his temper has been on display. Generally he lashes out with a very sharp tongue, goading his target into challenging him to a duel rather than issuing the challenge himself. However, if his honor, the honor of his family, clan or friends is called into question, he will initiate the challenge himself. When Sojiro stops talking any more than absolutely necessary to communicate, that’s when he is dangerously angry. He’s also prone to bouts of depression at times, as well as going the opposite direction when in a particularly good mood or having something to celebrate and drinking to excess. Occasionally he will do something shockingly rude, just barely within the bounds of what is acceptable, to make a point – such as with the infamous “bloody kimono” incident involving a particularly snotty Otomo.

16. HOW WOULD YOUR CHARACTER HANDLE A SUBORDINATE’S IMPROPER BEHAVIOR? This depends entirely on the “innapropriate” action taken, and who was offended by it. If he feels the action was humorous, entertaining, or appropriate in spite of societal norms and expectations, he generally won’t punish the offender at all, or will do only what is absolutely expected from him, while subtly expressing his approval to the subordinate – generally in full view of the offended party. If he feels the action was actually improper though, he will take action to correct the situation and educate the subordinate as well as punish them. If the action is truly offensive, he is certainly not above removing an ear, hand, or even taking their life, but those situations are pretty rare.

17. HOW WOULD YOUR CHARACTER’S PARENTS DESCRIBE HIM? Sojiro’s parents are both still alive, and he has a very good relationship with them both. He was something of a problem child growing up, and often found himself being disciplined right beside Kakita Mitsouko after one of their schemes or misadventures were discovered by their parents. His mother was often heard saying that those two children together were trouble, but his father showed a surprising amount of understanding for Sojiro’s antics. He chose to approach them with equal parts education and discipline, making Sojiro feel that he was actually being listened to, even if he was being punished. The family joke about about Sojiro is that the reason he is so skilled with a katana is due to him constantly being punished by being assigned extra drills and harsher training by his parents as a child, and there’s a lot of truth to that.

18. WHAT IS YOUR CHARACTER’S HIGHEST AMBITION? Sojiro has two ambitions, although he hasn’t yet fully realized that he has a second one yet. His “known” goal is the creation of his own style and school of iaijitsu and kenjitsu called Ha No Arashi, or Storm of Blades. He is extremely passionate about learning new styles and studying students or other schools. His second ambition is something he hasn’t fully been able to articulate or even become fully aware of yet, but he wants to eradicate Maho and all things associated with it from the empire. Those closest to him understand that this almost suicidal desire is tied to the loss of his betrothed, but no one ever talks about such things in public.

19. HOW RELIGIOUS IS YOUR CHARACTER? Sojiro appreciates the divines and the fortunes, but honestly religion as an organized institution confuses him and he never really had much time or use for it. Bow to this fortune this many times, burn this incense and make this offering for that one…… bah. Live the way they want you to, and have faith that they will guide you to where they want you to be. That’s good enough for him.

20. HOW WILL YOUR CHARACTER DIE? Although he would prefer to die an old man, surrounded by his grandchildren and the students of his academy, Sojiro accepted long ago that he will most likely die in combat, whether he likes it or not.

Kakita Sojiro

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